St Helens is already home to more than 83,000 households and has ambitious plans to increase the number of homes in St Helens to more than 8,500 by 2033.

St Helens Council has embarked on an ambitious Local Plan to build more homes to meet our housing needs and growth aspirations. Over the life cycle of the Local Plan, St Helens will focus on developing and rebalancing its housing offer to ensure it not only meets the needs of existing residents but that it also looks to attract more people to set up home here.

The focus is not just to build new homes but to create high quality properties to meet demand and attract more people and families to the area. Creating a more balanced housing market in St Helens will include the development of larger executive homes, and smaller properties and apartments for people to downsize in to, which in turn creates an additional supply off larger or family homes to the market.

St Helens Council is committed to supporting landowners and developers looking to deliver urban residential developments on vacant or underused brownfield land. A number of these sites have been identified on the Preferred Options of the Local Plan, and if approved could offer significant opportunities to develop the housing offer further and make a major contribution to the development of St Helens overall appeal and attraction for residents.

Delivery of the plan will not only benefit people looking to live in St Helens but also offers housing developers, the construction industry and its supply chain a wide variety of opportunities.

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