The average price of a house in St Helens is below the national average which makes the area strong when it comes to value for money.

St Helens has a wide range of housing stock – from Victorian and Georgian period properties, to traditional farm houses and cottages to newly developed modern builds and suburban developments.

There is something for everyone with families big and small, couples and individuals able to find the perfect home to suit them.
Demand for new build homes is really strong at the moment, and there has never been a better time to buy a new home in terms of quality and value for money, as well as the opportunity to buy a home which has energy efficient features providing excellent insulation designed to cut household bills.

The fact is St Helens is a prime location. The housing market remains buoyant and it continues to be a hot spot for developers. It is a place where you can live and have the best of both worlds. A fantastic business location, within easily commute to two major cities and yet beautifully green. It’s a great place to put down roots and make a life.

Find out more about the St Helens housing market.

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