As a large employer coming to St Helens, we will ensure a single point of contact service with a range of public agencies to support you in training and recruiting staff to meet your particular need. This would be tailored specifically to your requirement.

The strategic skills picture

A key point is that the ‘skills system’ of St Helens and the wider City Region area is specifically structured to support your sector. Significant work has been done over the last decade to identify the skills and training requirements linked to logistics and associated sectors. These are encapsulated in the “SuperPort Skills for Growth Agreement”.

SuperPort is the collection of businesses, infrastructure, and labour market assets in the wider Liverpool City Region area that supports sectors such as logistics, maritime, and manufacturing industries to productively locate here. The wider SuperPort strategy (beyond skills) has attracted over £500m of transport investment into the City Region to strategically attract and support logistics and other road freight operations. The approach is private sector led by key logistics businesses already resident or with interests in the City Region including St Helens. Details on SuperPort can be found here:

The SuperPort Skills for Growth document can be found at: . The purpose of the agreement is that the sector itself articulates what it regards as its skills needs not just immediately but also in the long-term. The skills system (including Universities, Colleges and other skills providers) then design their provision to meet that sector skills need.

The City Region as a whole then invests in that provision.

St Helens College looks to the future

As a real example of this, St Helens College identified logistics as an area of growth because of the sector opportunity coming forward in St Helens and the SuperPort strategy.

In response the College sought to establish the Northern Logistics Academy. This is a dedicated logistics training facility in St Helens which received a £3.5m capital grant from the City Region Combined Authority specifically because the City Region recognised the training need that was around the corner.  The result is that St Helens has a dedicated training facility available to train your workforce if you choose to come to St Helens.

The Northern Logistics Academy provides courses on the full range of logistics requirements recognised by the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) from level 2 to level 6 qualifications. The dedicated facility replicates the work environment of a warehouse to allow training to be as close as possible to the actual warehouse environment.

The Northern Logistics Academy in unique in being a physical warehouse like environment dedicated to the training of staff for logistics operations.

Further detail on the Northern Logistics Academy can be found here: and a detailed pack on all qualifications and support available can be provided.

Specific support available to you

We would ensure a single point of contact service, that will co-ordinate on your behalf provision from the likes of Job centre Plus, St Helens College, and the Council.  Our partners have a track record in meeting employer need via supporting:

Access to subsidised employment/training programmes and apprenticeships, including via the local Northern Logistics Academy based in St Helens:

Skills for Growth offer, which includes a subsidised service that will upskill workforce and improve productivity. This is a City Region fund available for co-investment with businesses to assist in meeting skills needs.

Intermediate Labour Market (ILM) – these can often provide subsidised wages for a cohort of individuals accessing new employment following a filtering exercise with the employer. In St Helens, ILMs can subsidise 6 month placements for participants, coupled with intensive advice, guidance, mentoring and support. St Helens Council has a specific multi-million pound programme available within St Helens and can access further funds if required.

Advice and guidance re the Apprenticeship Levy – all UK businesses will be liable for the Levy, we will work with you to identify the most efficient use of that levy for your business linked to what local providers can provide. Investing your levy contributions with local providers can provide a route to financially supporting your training need at little extra cost.

A comprehensive and flexible recruitment support for all needs

Pre-sifting of applications to identify suitable candidates. We are able to work with employers and candidates closely to ensure the correct fit for both parties. Thus reducing time spent sifting applications and CVs.  The Council, College and Job Centre Plus have teams able to support such with experience in large scale logistics recruitment exercises.

Our local knowledge of the labour market, not only in St Helens but also across the Liverpool City Region, allows us to recruit effectively and accurately whilst dealing with any skills or knowledge gaps on the ground.

Provide access to specific skills and qualifications. E.g. Fork Lift Truck Licence, First Aid at Work, Food Hygiene. Often free of charge.

Access to data and contacts regarding recent redundancies in similar industries to skillset and mobilise the workforce required (Rapid response to redundancies)

Arrangement of interviews and providing employer feedback to candidates on the employer’s behalf

Teams of skilled interviewers able to support with mock interviews, training and actual job interviews.

Able to arrange and provide facilities for the interview to take place.

Pre-screening potential candidates through effective questions and exercises

Bespoke or generic pre-employment training courses, onsite or offsite

2–4 week sector based work academies, preparing applicants for the recruitment and the actual job role. These can be run with an interview scheduled during the course.

Skills sessions to meet particular needs or to tackle identified skills gaps.

Access to St Helens Councils Travel Trainer who can work with employees to advise on public / sustainable transport access from within St Helens and the City Region.

Promotion of job opportunities, identifying/matching suitable candidates to vacancies

Open days – large, medium or small scale Open Days can be facilitated for interested participants. Suitable town centre venues can be provided along with staff to arrange and support on the day.

Qualified employability and recruitment experts on hand to identify candidates by role

A longer term working relationship to meet initial needs quickly, but also providing ongoing support for meeting longer term employment and skills requirement

Advice and Guidance Workers assisting new starters and staff adjusting to changes

Assistance with wider staff issues such as housing, financial and health, helping to ensure sustainability and a more productive workforce.

Healthy Workplace – support available for companies to make the workplace a healthier and more productive place to be.

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